NAME: Natalia Rodriguez Goldman, MD



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Husband, Ryan Goldman, co-creator of; Managing Director, Seaport Global Securities 

Daughters, Ciela, 9

Son, Grayson, 7

Son, Franco, 6

Daughter, Mica, 4 

Chances are you’ve seen Natalia tooling around town on her bright orange Yuba Mundo electric cargo bike with some seriously precious cargo in tow — her four kids.

“The whole gang fits; although they’re a bit ‘sardined’ more than usual these days as they’re getting bigger, “ Natalia says. “It’s made school pick-up and drop-off way more fun and you can’t beat sidewalk parking at Ferarro’s or Trader Joes.”  

Natalia’s eccentric mode of transportation isn’t her only creative streak. When this top doc isn’t busy working as an attending ophthalmologist at Metropolitan Hospital in New York City, teaching residents cataract surgery and overseeing the ophthalmology clinic, you can find her in DIY mode, meticulously securing soda can tabs to fashion chain mail for one of her legendary Halloween costumes; silk screening monograms onto jean jackets; posing her posse for epic holiday cards or, say, baking an authentic clementine cake (she’s Argentinian)! “Everyone has creativity,” Natalia adds. “You just need to figure out what you enjoy doing and allow yourself to fail in the process. Perfection is boring!”

Here’s a few more of Natalia’s favorite things:


1. VICKI’S DINER. It’s the kids’ favorite lunch spot, particularly when Lorena or Susan are our servers, and Eddie is moving a million miles an hour. Fastest meal in town — hands down! 

2. WESTFIELD SPORTS/COACHES. We have some passionate people running the sports programs in our town and our kids are lucky to be a part of it. Our high school football team won states the last two years in a row and are on a 25 game winning streak — the longest in NJ history! The boys lacrosse and soccer teams won county championships this year. We go cheer them on even though our oldest is only 9 years old. So fun!

3. LAWRENCE AVENUE ON HALLOWEEN. One of my favorite holidays! [Editor’s note: See above. Natalia’s costume creations are awe-inspiring!] We give over 1,000 pieces of candy every year because the foot traffic is so heavy. (This may be due in part to our neighbor a few doors down who gives out giant Hershey's chocolate bars in exchange for a riddle or song.) My kids prefer to stay home and hand out candy rather than go trick or treating because so many of their friends come through. 

4. JAY’S CYCLE CENTER. Mark and Andrew were able to "MacGyver" retrofit a new battery to my electric bike. Something everyone else told me was impossible. They can work magic and truly know bikes!

5. THE NEIGHBORS. We moved to Westfield because we FELT the community. We are lucky to be surrounded by wonderful families. Once we moved in we had instant babysitters in every direction. Our 7th grade neighbor Ella McLane runs lacrosse drills for our kids in the backyard. The Westfield Pizza 5k Run [Editor’s note: It’s July 26th. There’s still time to sign up!] goes past our home and everyone is on the street cheering runners on — a true sense of community!