Name: Pete Brown, manager at Gartland and Mellina Group (GMG), a management consulting firm in New York City.

Years in Westfield: 9


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Wife, Megan, Realtor at Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty 


Seamus,  9

Fiona, 7

Declan,  5


This devoted husband and loving father of three may seem like your average family man. The Villanova graduate commutes to New York City for work, coaches his kids’ baseball and soccer teams, loves a good DIY project around the house and squeezes in the occasional round of golf or paddle tennis.

But Pete Brown has a secret past: He’s a one-time rock star with bragging rights to the 2000 hit single Teenage Dirtbag. That’s right! Westfield’s own tore up the drums in the band Wheatus.

“I had just graduated from college and my older brother Brendan needed a drummer,” Pete said. “We started playing shows in the clubs of the Lower East Side of Manhattan and by chance one night a music industry scout turned up at The Mercury Lounge because he was denied entry to another club for wearing flip-flops.”

A few pinch-me moments later, Wheatus was signed to Columbia Records and making a music video co-starring actors Jason Biggs and Mena Suvari — Teenage Dirtbag was on the soundtrack to their movie Loser.

“It all happened rather quickly,” Pete remembered. “When we went number one in Australia I really didn’t believe it until we drove away from the airport in Sydney and I saw myself on a billboard.”  

From there the brothers toured the world for a few years, “recording a bunch of albums, playing the great European festivals and meeting some incredible people.”

Alas, Pete took the show off the road and semi-retired to get married and raise a family, but the band lives on and still tours.

“Wheatus is one of my favorite shows to see when they are in town,” Pete said. “My kids count the days until the next Uncle BB show.” And  if anyone is looking to sell an early 2000's Yamaha oak custom drum set in either silver sparkle or blue satin, please let Pete know.  

 Watch the video: 


Check out the band:

Pete's BEST List

BUONA PIZZA. I love to take the family to Buona Pizza. We sit in the back and I feel like I’m in my grandma's house. We also love to sit outside at Ferarro’s to enjoy amazing food and cocktails and watch the town blast around.

FLAG RUGBY. I love the sports leagues the kids are in. We just finished our first season of flag rugby, which is really the hidden gem of Westfield and Union county. Go Mudturtles! What a community they have built over the last 40+ years! I’m looking forward to our first season of tackle football, too. Flag football has been a Saturday morning staple during the fall for the last three years. There are few things better than standing in the morning cold with a coffee talking to other parents and some of the great coaches.

SPRING FLING … Festifall and the annual Pizza Run 5K — after living here nine years I finally did my first one! They’re all great times that the kids are always looking forward to!

VICKI’S DINER. It’s tough to beat Vicki's Diner or "Fwih-fih Tighnoo" as my kids call it.  They never really felt the need to correct their toddler pronunciation so Meg and I just adopted the new name, as well. Many slices of French toast have been consumed there while still wearing pajamas.

MY 10K ROUTE. Westfield is one of my favorite places to jog. I have a great 10K route that I do (or, more aptly, did) that rolls through some of the best neighborhoods I have ever seen.  It also strategically passes by several friend’s houses in case I don’t think I am going to make it back home.