KENILWORTH, NJ — Bobby Ring has been with Meyer & Depew Heating and Cooling since he was three weeks old.

“My father began working for Bob Meyer and Jim Depew in 1961,” said Ring, now head of the company and national chairman of Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

“Except for the first three weeks of my life, every pay check that was ever spent on me came from Meyer & Depew,” said Ring. “I grew up in the business. My father was responsible for a lot of how I am today. He was the first person to tell me a job worth doing is a job worth doing right.”

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Today, Meyer & Depew is still his family’s business—Ring’s son Thomas and wife, Pam, work with him.

The pride he feels for his work is reflected in Meyer & Depew’s renowned customer service. Most of the company’s technicians are certified by North American Technician Excellence (NATE), which comes with an outstanding reputation in customer satisfaction. The company has been a Carrier Presidents Award Winner for six consecutive years—one of only eight in the country who can say so. The award is based mostly on customer service scores.

Ring believes so strongly in honesty and integrity that he participated in an undercover camera episode of NBC’s Dateline as an industry expert to catch dishonest repairmen.       

To watch the Dateline segment, click here.

Prompt and reliable, Meyer & Depew technicians give customers the information they need to make informed decisions. They never begin any work until they’ve discussed it with the customer, and the only charge customers are obligated to pay is for the diagnostic until they agree to go forward.

“There are no surprises,” said Ring. Technicians explain to customers what needs to be done, what it will cost and how that compares to the cost of replacement. “We never assume you want to do something,” Ring explained.

Meyer & Depew’s affordable service plans can stop something from going wrong in the first place, and ensure safety as well as prevent breakdowns. Customers with a service agreement are first in line when they need something fixed and enjoy longer warranties, as well.

Lately, more people are turning to Meyer & Depew for their expertise in installing and servicing whole-house generators.

“We sold over 200 whole-house generators in the last year,” said Ring. “We’ve got a great deal of experience and our staff is trained in installing, servicing, sizing and installation techniques. We can usually get the parts we need locally. We understand the towns’ code requirements for their proper installation and we don’t just install the generator, we complete the piping and electrical wiring, as well.”

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