The sound of pianos, guitars and student voices now fill the hallways and classrooms of Hillcrest Academy South, North and Lamberts Mill Academy. Each week students at these schools receive music lessons courtesy of Jennifer Davis and Music Counts, a non-profit organization and affiliate of RMC Studios, whose mission is to ensure that every child has access to music.

Ms. Davis approached Hillcrest Academy South at the beginning of the 2013-14 and volunteered to bring her program to their students free of charge. After a successful first year the program expanded to two other UCESC schools. Junior China has been a part of the program for two years now. According to China, “I appreciate the program because music speaks to my soul and this gives me the opportunity to venture into new categories of music.” Senior Josh is working with Ms. Davis on EDM (Electronic Dance Music). He and a group of students have been writing and recording a piece of music based on their experience at school. According to Josh, “It is fascinating to interact with my fellow classmates and Jen in creating music. I’ve played drums for about eight years and Jen has advanced and enhanced my knowledge of music and opportunities to apply it in many areas.”

Hillcrest Academy South is under the auspices of the Union County Educational Services Commsion (UCESC) located in Westfield. For more information about our programs go to