New, user-friendly, solar powered smart parking meters have arrived!

The town has begun installing new, solar, smart parking meters in the Downtown area that are user friendly and offer more convenient payment options for shoppers, diners, and all visitors. In addition to the traditional forms of payment – Westfield tokens, coins (quarters, dimes, and nickels), and Smart Card – you can now pay with a credit card (Visa, Master Card and Discover) or a debit card (minimum of $1.00 for credit/debit) and soon to come, by mobile app! Included in the new meter’s programming is the free 15 minute feature.

In most locations, 2-space meters will replace the old single space meters, thus reducing the number of meter stanchions at the curb line in the Downtown. The term “2-space meter” means one meter will apply to two parking spaces so when you approach the meter, the first thing you will do is select the space – is it to the left or to the right? 2-space meters that display zero will automatically give 15 free minutes as soon as you select the parking space, right or left. Please check out this helpful video for visual instructions on how to use the new 2-space meters:

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There are some locations that will have new solar single space smart meters. Their payment options are identical to the 2-space meters. At single space meters, if there are no minutes remaining, you will be prompted to push a button for 15 minutes free. If there is time remaining on the meter, it will be displayed at the very top of the payment option screen. Please check out this helpful video at for visual instructions on how to use single space meters:

Coming very soon is the added convenience of pay by mobile app which will allow you to remotely add time to the meter (up to the space’s time limit) from your mobile device. And remember, Smart Cards are a wonderful option for those who frequent the downtown because they are the one method of payment that allows you to add back any unused time onto the card.

Our traffic enforcement officers will be walking around the downtown in the coming days to help anyone who needs instruction about how to operate the new meters. You may also call Parking Services at 908-789-4044 if you have any questions.