A total of 53 Westfield Public School teachers attended the New Staff Institute (NSI) prior to the start of school which provided an orientation and training program for first year educators as well as veteran teachers new to the district.  To provide further support, NSI meetings also will take place during the next two years.

Barbara Ball, Human Resource Specialist, stated, “It is a pleasure to welcome our new staff members into the Westfield Schools.  The New Staff Institute is the district’s program which provides an opportunity for these educators to learn and grow together as a cohort.”

Superintendent of Schools, Margaret Dolan, welcomed all teachers in the district to the new school year at a morning assembly for staff held August 28th.  She stated that the schools were fully staffed and ready for students.  Dr. Dolan emphasized the responsibility of teachers as role models and referred to the challenging events of the previous school year, including Superstorm Sandy and the tragedy at Newton, CT.   Board of Education President, Richard Mattessich, echoed those sentiments by stating that teachers enter both the hearts and minds of students.  He credited teachers for nurturing and preparing students.

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The new teaching staff for the Westfield Public Schools includes:

Edison Intermediate School - Edward Ruggieri, 3/5 Art; William Thoman, 4/5 Music; Lauren Feeley, Special Ed.; Rebecca Keating, Sp. Ed/Math; Patricia Kelly,  Nurse; Richard McNanna, Special Ed/English; David Tarullo, Physical Education;

Franklin Elementary - Rachel Kennedy, Library; Maryann Topping, 5th Grade; Jefferson/McKinley Elementary- Jennifer Russo, Speech; Jefferson Elementary - Lauren Brown, 1st Grade; Bruna Marques, 3rd Grade; Lincoln School (Early Childhood Learning Center) - Jennifer Durkin, Kindergarten; Michelle Rickles,  Coordinator of Lincoln Wrap Around Program; McKinley - Christopher Orzechowski, Resource Center; Roosevelt Intermediate School - Christina Davison, Science; Brittany Hillier, French; Kimberly Lasky, Social Studies; Paula Parada, Spanish; Megan Scott, Math; James Shabazz, Industrial Technology; Kate Young,  2/5 French; Special Services - Heather Alvarez, School Psychologist; Tamaques Elementary School - Vanessa Carmona,  3/5 English Language Learners; Courtney Farruggia, 4th Grade; Emily Fusco, Fourth Grade; Jenna Rizzi,  3rd Grade; Washington Elementary School - Carolyn Sluberski, Occupational Therapist; Westfield High School - Barbara Bair, 2/5 Latin; Marielena Ciampini, English;

Lesley Cora, Media Specialist; Marlena Cortese, English; Brett Curtis, Social Studies; Christian Howell, Social Studies; James Lane, Social Studies; Kimberly Lee, English; Kimberly Leegan, Social Studies; Sean Mack, Physical Education; Allison Schachtel, Guidance; Elizabeth Sheehan, Math; Shabnam Walele, Special Ed./English; William Wertheimer, Physical Education; Steven Whittington, Chem/Physics; Wilson Elementary - Michelle Cook, OT; Lauren Couture, 2nd Grade; Janine, Dayson, Leaps & Bounds; Zena Fermano, Speech; Adriana Guerra, LLD 2 Self Contained; Marie Morris, 1st Grade; and Suzanne Toriello, 2nd Grade.

This summer, the Board of Education welcomed Pamela Garcia-Ackerman to Westfield to fill the position of Supervisor of Language Arts.  Maureen Mazzarese, who had held the position of Supervisor of K-12 Counseling, was named its Director.