The Nomahegan Dive Team, led by Lilah Hutchins and Sarah Laide, placed 4th at the Dive League Championship Meet. Congratulations to the following divers who placed:  Liam Walsh (5th 15-18 boys), Sarah Laide (3rd 15-18 girls), Grace Kilbourn (1st 13-14 girls), Katie McDermott (5th 11-12 girls) and Elias Wood (1st 11-12 boys). 

The Nomahegan Swim Team finished the season with a 3-2 record and a very strong performance at the UCOSL Championships on July 26 and 27. The Nomahegan Braves were led by Meghan Myers, with the help of Assistant Coaches Aedan Collins, Marielle Gutierrez, and Zach Youssef.  Several of relay teams placed first: including the 8 and under boys relay (Alexander Contract, Brian Fisher, Evan Washbourne, Basil Glacken), 11-12 boys relay (Ted Crall, Carson Donnelly, Brody Linenberg and Michael Fisher), and 13-14 girls relay (Mariana Morin, Gabrielle Polito, Gabriella Cunningham, and Tyler Partridge). Two records were broken this season: Colin Kavanagh broke the 13-14 boys 100 IM record, with a time of 1:06.28, just besting Floyd Conlin’s 2018 record of 1:06.41. 

Separately, Patrick Miller, Colin Kavanagh, Will Crall, and Cameron Linenberg broke the 13-14 boys 200 medley relay record with a time of 2:06.62, breaking a record that was set last year by Cameron Linenberg, Floyd Conlin, Jack Young, and Will Crall.

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First place finishers: Basil Glacken was a triple winner, placing 1st in the 8 and under free, breast, and butterfly. Emma Crall was a double winner, placing 1st in the 9-10 girls breast and butterfly. Other first place finishers included Ariadna Glacken (6 and under girls free), Alexander Contract (8 and under boys back), Rafael Morin (11-12  boys back), Will Crall (13-14 boys breast), Floyd Conlin (15-18 boys breast), and Zach Youssef (15-18 boys fly).

Other swimmers who achieved top 9 finishes at Championships this year follow. Our 8 and under girls: Ariadna Glacken (1st in 6 and under free, 4th in 8 and under breast), Leilue Colodne (5th in 25 free), Sophia Corcoran (5th in 6 and under 25 free), Caitlin Gaeta (7th in 25 fly), Charlotte Kelly (3rd in 25 back), Grace Venables (5th in 7 and under 25 free, 7th in 25 fly). Our 8 and under boys: Chris Bloomer (6th in 7 and under 25 free, 8th in 25 fly), Alexander Contract (1st in 25 back, 5th in breast, 5th in fly), Brian Fisher (7th in 25 free), Basil Glacken (1st in 25 free, breast, and fly) Jack Levitt (3rd in 6 and under 25 free), Chris McSweeney (6th in 6 and under free), Oliver Olsen (5th in 6 and under free). Our 9-10 girls: Emma Crall (2nd in 100 IM, 1st in 25 breast, 1st in fly), Kate Cymbor (5th in 25 free, 7th in 25 breast), Emily Gaeta (9th 25 fly). Our 9-10 boys: Matthew Comer (2nd in 25 free, 8th in breast, 9th in fly), Matthew Fisher (7th in 25 fly), Liam Washbourne (6th in 25 back). Our 11-12 girls: Ava Contract (7th in 100 IM, 8th 50 breast, and 8th fly), Emily Kapuscinski (7th 50 breast, 6th fly). Our 11-12 boys: Ted Crall (5th in free, 3rd in breast, 2nd in fly), Michael Fisher (2nd in 100 IM, 3rd in 50 free, 3rd in fly), Carson Donnelly (7th in 50 free, 4th in breast, 5th in back),  Brody Linenberg (3rd in 100 IM, 6th in 50 free, 5th in fly), Rafael Morin (4th in 100 IM, 8th in 50 breast, and 1st in back), Wes Young (8th in 50 free, 4th in back, 7th in fly). Our 13-14 girls: Patience Conlin (9th in 50 breast, 8th in back), Mariana Morin (8th in 50 free, 6th in breast), Gabrielle Polito (9th in 50 free), and Tyler Partridge (2nd in 50 free, 4th in breast, 4th in fly). Our 13-14 boys: Will Crall (2nd in 100 IM, 1st in 50 breast, 2nd in fly), Caleb Wiggins (6th in 50 back). Our 15-18 boys:  Floyd Conlin (2nd in 100 IM, 3rd in 50 free,1st in breast), Adam Contract (9th in back), Spencer Linenberg (7th in 50 free, 8th in breast, 7th in back) Jack Young (5th in 100 IM, 3rd in 50 back, 3rd in fly), Peter Youssef (4th in 100 IM, 6th in 50 breast, 5th in fly), Zach Youssef (2nd in 50 free, 4th in breast, 1st in fly).