I have been a resident of Westfield since 1982. I’ve seen mayors come and go. I’ve also seen mayors who stay so long they remind one of Dickens’ Miss Havisham, waiting for her fiancé to return to the altar. Great expectations have little to do with the past and everything to do with the future; our future. When does public service take a back seat to keeping ones job? We will not find the future by looking through the rear view mirror.

One candidate for mayor is able to acknowledge past accomplishments, while seeking to build on them to take us into our future. Based not only on her past but on her present platform, Shelley Wright Brindle clearly paints a picture of the future she hopes to build together with the residents of Westfield.

What sets Shelley Brindle apart? She has a vision, a vision that will take us into the future we build together for the community in which we live and work. Why is a vision important, you may ask?   Well, as the Cheshire cat once responded to Alice’s question about which road to take, “…If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do.”  Knowing where you are headed is key to achieving any goal. It is one of the primary tasks of a successful leader. Not having one is like driving your car blindfolded (…with all due respect for Google’s future “carcraft”!)

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Shelley’s vision was carved out of input gathered not behind closed doors but openly from many constituencies. Rather than merely laying out past achievements like unrelated pieces of yarn, strung end to end going nowhere, she has woven them into a mission that can guide us into the future. For me, Shelley Wright Brindle has cut a clear path to that future.

She has also invited us to join her going forward to bring that vision into reality.  Her platform lists not only WHAT she will do but HOW she will do it.  Her approach is clear direct and inclusive.

I whole heartedly support Shelley Wright Brindle for the position of Mayor of Westfield in the upcoming election.

Mike Mazzarese, Ph.D.