Dear Editor,

I am writing to oppose the construction of a multi-family residence (6 residential units) at 1481 East Broad St. in Westfield.  The construction of a multi-family residence at this location (RS-12 zone district) is contradictory to The Township’s 2005 Master Plan which has zoned this district for single-family home construction only.  Additionally, it requires significant variations for use, site density, lot coverage, floor area ratio, front yard and retaining wall setbacks, building height and number of stories. 

If this appeal is approved and multi-family construction is permitted in a zone district previously dedicated to single family homes, it will start a ‘gold rush’ on development of multi-family construction on any available single family lot, or result in the joining of adjacent lots, to construct multi-family dwellings throughout all of Westfield. This will change neighborhood appearance, population density, increase traffic in neighborhoods and ultimately degrade the quality of where we all live. 

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I would like to encourage all Westfield residents to attend the Board of Adjustment of the Town of Westfield for the consideration of this appeal for variance relief on Monday, March 13 and Wednesday, March 29, at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building at 425 Broad Street and voice your objection to overturning the Township’s 2005 Master Plan and the conversion of lots containing a single family residence to allow the construction of multi-family residences. 

There are many options that could be pursued for this land, including subdividing the lot into 2-3 single family residences, which would be beneficial for Westfield and supported by the neighborhood.