WESTFIELD, NJ — Outta Hand Pizza in Downtown Westfield is offering to feed veterans for free, and they’ve set up a way for others to help.

The restaurant is teaming up with the Martin Wallberg American Legion Post 3 to hold a get-together for veterans, according to Burim Regjaj, one of the restaurant’s owners.

Anyone who would like to help can pre-pay for a meal for the event for $16 by calling 908-233-9300 or visiting the restaurant at 311 South Ave. West. Outta Hand Pizza will contribute $4 for each pre-paid meal, he said. Make sure to mention that it is or the “Pre-Pay a Meal for a Veteran” program.

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“Furthermore, we invite any and all veterans to come to Outta Hand Pizza to eat for free,” Regjaj said.

Regjaj said that the staff at Outta Hand was inspired when, about two months ago, a gentleman walked in and struggled to decide if he should order a slice with pepperoni.

“[Pizza maker] Zeni [Nimani ] jumped in and told him ‘no worries friend, pepperoni is on the house,’” Regjaj said. “Happily, he pulled two dollar bills and a little change hands it over to Zeni and says: ‘Now I am officially broke. But, I promise I will pay you back someday.’ As we talked further we found out that he is a veteran, homeless and trying to get back to normality by working as a painter. He was excited for the few bucks he was to earn from the paint job nearby. 

“I am sure my heart stopped several times to see this proud man, a hard-working man and fellow American who put himself on the line for us to enjoy our freedom, can't afford a meal. We thanked him for his services, offered him a whole meal and invited him to come back anytime to eat for free,” Regjaj said.

Since then, Outta Hand joined the “Buy a Vet …” program, started the “Pre-Pay A Meal for A Vet” program together with Sharon Knight of  American Legion Post 3 and offered to feed any veteran who comes in for free.

“As long as our doors are open, vets are welcome,” Regjaj said. “This is not a hand-you-down, this is simply vets cashing-in on well-deserved credit.”