The Parent-Teacher Council (PTC) of the Westfield Public Schools for the 2012-2013 school year, which has been meeting since September, held its first meeting of 2013 this week to continuing sharing ideas, interests and news about each school.  The PTC, led by President Cathy Kattak, is an umbrella organization of all ten schools’ parent-teacher-student organizations, with members who meet twice a month. One meeting is attended by the presidents of each school’s PTO, PTA, or PTSO, and one with their representatives.  Parents also volunteer to join committees on the PTC, such as Special Education, Scholarship, and others. Regular participants at the PTC meetings are Superintendent Margaret Dolan and a Board of Education representative. Topics such as school policies, district budget, student achievement and PTO initiated student and fundraising activities are discussed.

“Our regular meetings with the PTO representatives and PTC board provide an excellent vehicle for two-way communication,” explained Dr. Dolan.  “At the PTC meetings we have the opportunity to hear both the good news and the concerns of our parents in our schools through their representatives.  At the same time, the parent representatives learn what decisions are being made or considered by the Board of Education.  It’s a very helpful process for all concerned.  We are so fortunate in this district to have so many dedicated volunteers.”