"People, Places, Moments" features 17 photographs on exhibit at the Westfield Memorial Library. Neal Snitow captured these images in Spain, France, California, New York and Westfield, NJ. 

Vivid, intense colors appear on "Preparing Cassoulet" and "Mediterranean Sea, Costa Brava." This rich color palette is characteristic of metal prints – you can almost smell the aroma of cassoulet stew cooking.

The Fortress at Carcasonne (in southwestern France, near Spain) is an ancient structure, initially constructed in Roman times, and enlarged throughout the Middle Ages. Now restored, its roofed towers and sweeping lengths of stone wall appear under an imposing cloud.

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People appear in defining moments – the essence of the experience:  

·         child climbing on a Central Park bronze bear under her mother’s watchful eye

·        California surfer as the wave breaks around him

·        cheerful maid in the play "The Heiress." 

"Snowfall in Mindowaskin Park" is the subject of six photos. These are in the back of the park, past the Gazebo. The interplay of the visual elements capture the "Place":  arched stone bridges, the still brook’s surface, snow on tree branches and fields. 

Neal Snitow lives in Westfield. This is his second exhibit at the Westfield Memorial Library. He has exhibited six times at the Watchung Arts Center and also in Summit.​

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