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Plan Ahead for Fun Summer Learning at Crimson Education

At Crimson Education, kids can spend the summer publishing their own books, creating with Minecraft and LEGOs, exploring the Art of War and learning how to survive zombies!

Crimson Education in Westfield will offer an array of  this summer for kids in second through fifth grade and fifth through ninth grade. See offerings below. For more information and to sign up, call Crimson Education at 908-379-3779.

For grades 2 to 5:

The following is morning session from 9 a.m. - noon. Afternoon will follow up with sports, homework help, language, arts and crafts, etc. Parent can pick up at 6:30 p.m.. Extended stay will be charged extra.

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Week 1- Week 7 (6/26-8/11)

Creative Reading - Writing - Art - Web Design & Book Publishing

Vision: Students can learn everything from writing story scripts to publishing as a real book and website. Students will work in groups to learn valuable reading and writing skills, web design, drawing and publishing. Following Columbia University Reading and Writing Curriculums. Teachers will utilize the reading/writing workshop model and practices. Students will learn strategies that challenge them to think deeply about their reading and apply these strategies to all genres of literature. Students will receive instruction using exemplars of various writing styles. Workshop is designed to assist students in becoming powerful readers and writers.


Supplies needed- journal, spiral notebook, pens, pencils, color pencil, color pens and laptop or IPAD-

Independent Reading Book (IRB)


Through the use of mentor texts, short stories and poetry, students will learn a variety of reading strategies which they will apply to an independent novel that will be read in conjunction with the classes.

First three weeks-Session 1 - Fiction:

Mystery Whodunits.

Students will explore and read stories with intrigue, puzzles, and suspense. They will learn to think deeply about their reading and write responses as they journal.

Second two weeks- Session 2 - Non-Fiction-

Exploring the Unknown

Students will read nonfiction pieces focusing on natural phenomena’s and age old unsolved mysteries. Through different questioning methods, students will learn how to read and respond to nonfiction works of literature.

On their own- students will complete an IRB (independent reading book )at home applying each day’s strategy in a journal.

Students will creatively explore the writing process, strategies and tools while uncovering their individual writing talents. Models of good writing will be utilized and students will publish a short story, novella or book of poetry.

First three weeks- Session 1 -students will write a short story, novella, or works of poetry.

Second two weeks- Session 2 - students will write an article, persuasive piece or choose another type of fiction, if they have attended the first two weeks.

A celebration to share their pieces will be held at the end of the session.

Week 6 (7/31-8/4)

Creative drawing for the article you created in previous weeks

Creative drawing for the articles you wrote in previous weeks

Learning Basic Drawing Skills by using color pencils, oil pasta, pencil and markers.

Apply drawing skills to create complementary art pieces for written articles.


Week 7 (8/7-8/11)

Introduction to Web Design

Introduction to Web Design:

Required Equipment - A Windows laptop with Notepad++ (a software easily downloadable and used to write HTML), or a MacBook with Text Wrangler (a software also easily downloadable and used to write HTML).

Introduction to Web Design includes lessons on the basics of HTML, the primary language for coding websites.

After completing this course, you will create your own website and publish your own article in the website.

Week 8 (8/14-8/18)

Entry Level Minecraft Classroom

Target Skills:

            STEM focus;





            Teamwork and Cooperation






Minecraft classroom offers a unique educational experience that allows students to learn advanced concepts in a game-like atmosphere.  Students will compete by creating structures and devising methods of coping with the environment.  Teams will also work on creating elaborate physics-based systems to move goods and resources. Join the fun and build a better world!

Week 9 (8/21-8/25)

Lego World

This course is designed to develop children’s interests in concepts of STEM and problem solving skills in real word through First Lego Jr. program. It targets the kids from 6-10 years old to help them improve their critical thinking, team-building and presentation skills.  Guided by our experienced teacher, teams will build motorized models using Lego and create Show Me Posters to share their journey of discovery and have fun.

Week 10 (8/28-9/1)

Introduction to Speech and Debate

Our skilled staff offers years of experience in training students to excel at the art of public speaking and debate in accordance with National Forensics League guidelines.  Through this class, we will train young kids to get ready for all future challenges. Have fun while learning and acquire the attitude, knowledge and confidence that flow from the ability to express ideas.   With over eleven competitive events we have something for everyone!


For Grades 5 to 9

Week1 (6/26-6/30)


Stocks and Commodities Simulation:

Target Skills:

Business Negotiations

Balancing Income and Expenses

Understanding National Economics and Gross Domestic Product 

Personal Investment

Day Trading and Stocks

Command the economy of a thriving nation and struggle with market forces to build factories, banks and defeat the competition through shear business savvy.  Learn how to research stocks and follow the trends set by the Federal Reserve Bank.  Be the day-trader who pushes the value of Fortune 500 companies.  When should you buy stocks or commodities or sell them? Join us and learn to make business your business!


Week2 (7/3-7/7)

Zombie Survival Simulation

Target Skills:

            Resource Management


            Critical Thinking


            Emergency Management



            The Center for Disease Control and other civil organizations have picked up this theme from popular culture to prepare citizens to survive any natural disaster.  This course is designed to have students research and devise methods of rebuilding civilization in the event of an emergency situation that eliminates most of modern society’s resources.  Working as part of a team students will determine how to devise methods of gaining basic needs all the way to reconstruction of modern water, food, and power sources and see how these decisions affect the simulation.    


Week3 (7/10-7/14)

Art of War: Historic Simulations

Target Skills:

            Critical Thinking

            Strategic Planning

            Resource Management

            Conflict Resolution

            How would World War II have changed if you were in charge?  Use the concepts of Sun Tzu to master your opponents in a variety of historic simulations designed to offer opportunities to employ this ancient master-work of Chinese literary genius.  This engaging course will show how this philosophy is still influencing the battlefield and war colleges throughout the world and is as true today as it ever was. 


Week 4 (7/17-7/21)

Student Congress:

Target Skills:

Domestic Policy and Diplomacy

Group and Individual Public Speaking

Research and Writing

Laws and policy are the backbone of American society.  Has Congress gone too far, or not far enough?  You decide what the law of the land ought to be while learning the lifelong skills of public speaking and effective research.  Make deals with allies and pass your legislation or crush the opposing faction as you learn to navigate the convoluted world of Congressional Debate.  

Week 5 (7/24-7/28)

United Nations Simulation:

Target Skills:

International Policy and Diplomacy

Group and Individual Public Speaking

Research and Writing

Can you find the solution to settle the disputes in the Middle East?  Be the senior statesman who ends strife in Ukraine.  What would you do to end the threat of global warming?  Lead your chosen state through the trials and tribulations of the modern political landscape. Communication, especially with your enemies, is always the path forward to a better world and a superior student.


Week 6 (7/31-8/4)

Board Game Seminar

Target Skills:

            Critical Thinking

            Math and Projecting Trends





            Design and Playtesting

            Basic Marketing

            Games are always fun to play and can be even more fun to invent.  Whether you take hold of a nation and lead it to victory or design a new original game of your own, this course uses a fun platform to have students design products of their own while experimenting with different types of games.  Students will then play-test their designs and study marketing for the demographic groups that may be interested in their products.  Whether, playing, designing, testing, or performing research this program imparts life-skills for success.  


Week 7 (8/7-8/11)

Advanced Minecraft Classroom

Target Skills:

           STEM focus;





           Teamwork and Cooperation





In this advanced Minecraft class, students will learn to create their own successful villages in order to unlock advanced benefits and learn world builder features for the hosting of their own communities. Do you have what it takes to build a successful flourishing community?

Specific additional skillsets to gain include; villager management, animal husbandry, trading, promoting family and wellbeing, housing and urban planning, and community policing. Through the use these advanced Minecraft tactics and cooperative group work, students simulate real world learning in a variety of fields.

The Minecraft Education Edition features allow for specific instructional and challenge based activities that advance learning through mini-lessons within the game itself. This culminates in an open world cooperative challenge for survival. Upon completion of the primary goals students are armed with the knowledge necessary to host their own worlds for advanced learning and exploration.

Week 8 (8/14-8/18)

Gladiators, Gods, and Government: The Impact of Classical Civilization


            Critical Thinking




            Interpreting Primary Sources

            Ancient people struggled against the wilderness and created the first glimpses of modern society.  From primitive odometers to a prototype steam turbine the Greeks and Romans brought great advances to tribal people throughout Europe and in turn influenced the modern world.  Who were these ancient people and what did they believe in?  Join us and learn what we still use from their time period, their cruel practices, and the proud monuments they left behind.  


Week 9 (8/21-8/25)


Greco Roman Mythology


            Cultural Sensitivity

            Ancient History

            As Apollo’s chariot hurtles through the sky the sun rises.  When Persephone descends to the underworld the seasons change.  In a world ruled by religions with just one God it is easy to forget that ancient people had a Pantheon or Gods who ruled mankind according to whim and fancy.  Learn about Greek and Roman mythology and the monsters they believed lurked around every corner from Athena to Zeus. 

Week 10 (8/28-9/1)

Shakespeare Alive Week

Shakespeare Alive

Target Skills:

Play writing,

Analysis and reflection,

Performing arts,

Critical thinking,

The study of various literary devices including but not limited to; Alliteration Assonance Malapropism Metaphor Onomatopoeia


Students will examine the human condition through readings and performances of Shakespeare’s famous soliloquies. Shakespeare is famed for his ability to capture and express both the joys and sorrows of life through comedy and drama. Analysis of the language and specific passages will prepare us for brief performances that capture the emotional content of the selections. In addition, each participant will write their own unique soliloquy, using Shakespearian language. To understand Shakespeare is to understand ourselves and our world...

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Darby Road's St. Patrick's Day Festival Kicks Off

March 17, 2018

SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ — Darby Road Public House (450 Park Ave., Scotch Plains) kicked off its three-day St. Patrick’s Day Festival on Friday at the municipal parking lot.

The event takes place under a larger tent this year and features Irish bands, Irish step dancers, bagpipers, food and beverages, along with a bounce house, face -painting, and pony rides for the kids.

Mayor Brindle’s Update, Feb. 13

March 14, 2018

The following are highlights from the update that Mayor Shelley Brindle gave at Tuesday night’s town council meeting.

Last week’s back to back nor’easters left a wave of destruction that Westfield hasn’t experienced since Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Three thousand homes lost power. Over 40 roads were closed due to downed wires and/or trees. Our police responded to ...

Upcoming Events


Mon, March 19, 7:30 PM

Board of Education Building, Westfield

Westfield Board of Education Meeting



Fri, March 23, 12:00 PM

Resolve, Scotch Plains

Free Teen Anxiety Group (Ages 14-17) at Resolve

Sat, March 24, 10:00 AM

Burent Middle School , Union

Union County Wide - March for Our Lives

Government Law & Justice

Westfield Police Blotter: DWI, Reported Fraud & More

March 14, 2018

March 7, 2018 2:06 a.m.

Carlos C. Mendoza, age 33, of Garwood, NJ, was arrested on the strength of three Westfield Municipal Court warrants ($750) pursuant to a traffic stop in the area of South Avenue in Scotch Plains. Subject was transported to Westfield Police HQ where he was processed and refused after posting bail.


March 9, 2018 2:09 p.m.

A resident of Sandra Circle ...

Middle School Bowling

March 18, 2018

If your son or daughter is interested in bowling there will be an opportunity for all middle school students. It will run every Monday and Thursday at Garwood lanes from 3:30 to 5:15 p.m. starting April 19 and ending on June 11. The cost will be $9  a session. Each session includes three games and shoes. You do not have to attend every session and only have to pay for the sessions ...

Charitable Spirit Alive and Well in Westfield Public Schools

Students, staff and parents in Westfield Public Schools continue the district’s long tradition of helping others both in and outside of the community, with a number of students recently recognized for their efforts.

Fifteen Westfield High School juniors and sophomores were honored by the Community Food Bank of New Jersey for collecting more than 5,000 pounds of food items for families in ...


AtlantiCast: Episode 13

On this episode of AtlantiCast, new clinical studies in the fields of cardiology and immunotherapy, national and statewide recognitions for Atlantic Health System medical centers and the inaugural AtlantiCast Collab Challenge!


8 Homes Sold Last Week in Westfield, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Cranford and Mountainside

Eight homes sold last week, March 4 to March 11, 2018, in Westfield, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Cranford and Mountainside.*


 TOWN                  ADDRESS             ...

The Day After

Some years ago, the United Nations held the International Summit on Sustainable Development, here in Johannesburg. The Summit was a great success. One wonders, though, whether all the wonderful decisions and resolutions that were adopted were ever implemented. In other words, were they themselves sustainable?

Good ideas and worthwhile projects are suggested regularly. The question is, do they ...

Auction Items Sought for Westfield Area YMCA 14th Annual Golf Classic

The Westfield Area Y is hosting the 14th Annual Golf Classic and Dinner with Live and Silent Auction on Monday, May 14, at Echo Lake Country Club in Westfield. All proceeds will benefit the Y’s financial assistance program and help send a kid to camp or child care at the Y this year.

If you have a vacation home or time share, access to a fine dining establishment, ...

How to Stay Connected to Your Partner After a Newborn

March 11, 2018

Life changes instantly once we have a newborn.  It is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences a couple can have. It brings joy and a newfound commitment to the relationship and now to a family of three. Grandparents, family and friends are eager to get involved with helping and visiting. Responsibilities increase, expenses increase and privacy decreases. Our routine ...

Profit from Recent Volatility with Stock Market Bargains

Markets retreated in February, the worst down month in two years. A record surge in volatility caused several ETFs designed as leveraged bets on low volatility to plunge, with at least one being forced to liquidate and hand its investors a near total loss.

The Causes of February’s Market Retreat

The initial catalyst for the sell off was inflation. The January jobs report showed ...


Kathleen Marie Christian (nee Helmstetter), age 73 of Surf City, NJ, passed away peacefully at home ...
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Health Alert: Child with Measles Traveled to Newark Airport on March 12

March 15, 2018

TRENTON, NJ — If you were at Newark Liberty International Airport on Monday, March 12 between 12:45 and 9 p.m., you may have been exposed to measles and should contact your health care provider.

The New Jersey Department of Health has issued a public health alert after a child with a confirmed case of measles — a highly contagious disease — arrived in Terminal B at ...