It's a totally 80's clothing drive! Clean out your attic and donate your most radical 80's formal attire (dresses - think ruffles, bows, big sleeves, tuxes and accessories) to benefit the local FISH Hospitality Program. All of the items that are donated for the clothing drive will be used in a clothing sale* with 100% of the proceeds to be donated to FISH. The mission of the FISH Hospitality Program (FHP) is to serve homeless families and single women by providing shelter and meals, in order to give them a new opportunity to live independently in their communities as respected families and individuals.

*Who would want your 80's formal attire, you ask? The Presbyterian Nursery School & Kindergarten in Westfield is hosting their annual fundraiser, The Red Ball, and this year's theme is the Totally Rad 80's Prom! We know quite a few excited customers! 

Please contact Morgan Toriello at if you have any items to donate. All donations should be received by Friday, February 9th. Thank you in advance!