The leaves are already starting to fall, and weather is getting unpredictably cooler some days. Labor Day is close, ending the official summer season. While it’s sad to end summer, with its sunny beach days, barbecues and vacation fun, you can preserve the memories by doing something special with the photos and videos.

Here are some creative ways to use your vacation memories:

-Save your favorite photo as a computer screensaver or the background wallpaper of your phone.

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-Start your own YouTube or Vimeo channel, uploading your vacation videos. You can password protect the site, giving access to only those you want to have it.

-Upload favorite photos onto an electronic photo frame’s memory chip, and they’ll rotate through at home or in the office, bringing back the memories.

-Make a hard-bound photo book with iPhoto, or at a site like Snapfish, Shutterfly or Picaboo.

-Make a video montage of photos, complete with music, and send copies to those who took trips with you.

Need help with any of these? Dan Weiniger of Home Video Studio is an expert at preserving video and photo memories. Contact him at (908) 301-9300 or by email at to see how he can help you.