I am very pleased to let the readers know that the final election returns for Westfield for the presidential race have been obtained. President Obama won in Westfield.  

That's right!  This is contrary to the reporting on election night, when only the machine cast ballots were counted.  When the provisional ballots and the mail-in ballots were counted as well, the tally was President Obama 8080 and Mitt Romney 7555.

Many people volunteered their time to contribute to this victory for President Obama.  They did so under the excellent, steadfast, unrelenting co-leadership of Ros Harrison and Marv Gersten.   The volunteers will be celebrating at my home this Saturday. (December 15).

A big thank you also goes to the Westfield High School Young Democrats who worked so hard to get out the vote.

This victory marks the 6th presidential election in a row when Westfield voted for the Democratic candidate! 

Looking forward to many more Democratic victories in Westfield! 

Janice Siegel
Vice Chair Westfield Democratic Committee