Four years ago, I promised to represent the residents of the 3rd Ward with a focus on keeping Westfield one of the best places to raise a family; the type of town in which our children would be proud to return and raise their own family.  My track record of achievements and my plans for the future demonstrate my successful fulfillment of that promise.

As a member of the Finance Policy Committee, my financial background has helped manage our limited resources and secure the Town’s financial position.  We have:

  • Earned and maintained a AAA bond rating, saving the town hundreds of thousands in interest costs
  • Received independent acknowledgement of our strong management and strong budgetary performance from S&P
  • Controlled spending and expanded services with only 16% of your tax dollars
  • Rebuilt the surplus to give the Town the financial flexibility to invest in our infrastructure, handle unfunded state mandates, and weather financial downturns

Four years ago, I promised to address quality of life issues, with a particular focus on road repaving.  As a member of the Public Works Committee and its Chairperson for the past two years, our accomplishments include:

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  • Paved 16 miles of roads in the last 4 years
  • Purchased new equipment that improved pothole repairs
  • Reduced the Conservation Center fee by $20
  • Launched free mulch and free firewood program
  • Planted 1,000 trees
  • Expanded recycling opportunities
  • Improved the speed, quality and safety of snow plowing
  • Renovated our Town parks, memorials and monuments

I have opened the lines of communication with residents by providing regular email updates to our residents, attending neighborhood meetings, and responding to resident phone calls with in-person visits.  I have shared resident suggestions with our Town Council subcommittees and effectuated positive change as a result.

Although there have been many accomplishments during my first term, my vision for the future of Westfield includes the completion of many projects that are already underway.

  • Paving of more streets, including Grove Street in 2018
  • Purchase of new equipment for an expanded street sweeping program
  • Implementation of additional recommendations from the Mayor’s Downtown Task Force
  • Lights, paths and playground equipment upgrades for the centennial celebration at Mindowaskin Park
  • New turf field, community building and additional parking at Tamaques Park

These projects require experienced leadership and a Councilperson that is willing to make the tough decisions that are required to minimize the burden on our already overtaxed residents while still delivering exceptional municipal services. 

Westfield is a beautiful town that continues to attract new families because of our charming neighborhoods, highly rated downtown, and excellent schools.  Investments in the downtown and in residential real estate have led to an increase in median home values of 17% during my four years as Councilman.  New families keep moving here because of our great town, not to change our great town.

Just this week, Westfield was recognized by WalletHub as one of the top 20 Small Cities in all of America and #2 in the state of New Jersey.  Westfield was acknowledged as having the 13th lowest violent crime rate in New Jersey by  This is in addition to Westfield being named the Best Downtown Shopping Destination in New Jersey by Gannett NJ and a top 50 Safest City in the U.S. by Neighborhood Scout earlier this year.

The numerous accolades Westfield has received from outside agencies did not happen by accident; they are the result of strong leadership, fiscally responsible management, and a focus on public safety.  I stand proudly behind my achievements as your 3rd Ward Councilman, and remain focused on protecting our property values and keeping Westfield one of the best places in NJ to raise a family.  I have worked hard to earn your support and I would be honored to have your vote on November 7th.