As chairman of the Westfield Public Safety, Transportation and Parking Committee, I am constantly working to ensure that our town remains a safe place to call home. It is my most important job on council.

Our Public Safety Committee receives many requests from residents to address various public safety issues in town. Once a request is received, we ask our town professionals, including our outstanding police department, to review it and present recommendations to our Public Safety Committee. Our Public Safety Committee then recommends changes to be enacted by Mayor Andy Skibitsky and the Town Council.

This process works well and is responsible for our town's strong reputation for public safety. Westfield has a very low crime rate, and Neighborhood Scout ranked Westfield #45 on their Top 100 Safest Cities in America list for 2017. We continue to work to make our town as safe as possible.

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We receive many requests from residents about speeding in town. We have several tools to address speeding, including the installation of a speed box. Speed boxes flash how fast a car is driving, which alert drivers to slow down. In addition, speed boxes gather data including how many cars are driving on the street, at what time, and at what speed. This data is used by our police officers to perform targeted enforcement. We also use this data to propose solutions to improve the safety of the street. Our goal is not writing tickets, but to encourage safe driving.

Please contact me at with your public safety requests, or any issue I can work on.


Keith Loughlin

Westfield Councilman, Fourth Ward