Dear Westfield Voters,

We are writing to you on behalf of Mark Friedman’s candidacy for a second term on the Westfield Board of Education. In his first term on the board we believe Mark served our community well and that he deserves to continue the good work that we know he can deliver. Mark’s business experience, leadership skills and passion to serve our community make him uniquely qualified to keep Westfield schools moving forward.

As a successful business executive, Mark has the budgetary and planning skills we need in a challenging economic environment. Westfield has been able to continue to provide one of the best K-12 education experiences in New Jersey while still under the two pecent cap in this slow-growth economy. With a $100 million dollar budget, rising costs and almost 60 percent of our local taxes devoted to our schools, we need Mark’s business skills to manage expenses while improving the quality of our children’s education. As a testament to our hard-working students, teachers, administrative staff and board, from 2012 to 2014 we successfully moved up in the NJ Monthly high school rankings from 49 to 21 despite these budgetary restraints. 

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Mark’s expertise in e-commerce provides clear insight for the board into how technology can play an integral part in an organization. Moreover, his experience can help us to evaluate and adopt the right technology to make our classroom learning processes more effective. As our society grows more dependent on ever-evolving technology, he understands that our children must keep up with these changes to be well-prepared for the future.

Mark is pragmatic, an independent thinker and a good listener.  We need his analytical and problem-solving skills to handle any complex issues that may arise.  He has proven that this approach to problem solving, such as the roof replacement project, can be a viable means to accomplish the goals set forth by the board.

We have lived in Westfield for 19 years. One of the primary reasons we moved here was for our children to attend our excellent schools. With one child in college, we still have one child in the high school and another in middle school. Thus, we have a vested interest in the success of our schools and trust that Mark’s service will benefit all of the children of Westfield for the next three years.  

We have known Mark and his family for ten years. We know that Mark’s passion to serve our community is sincere. We have collaborated with Mark and his wife on numerous volunteer projects and fundraisers. We have witnessed first-hand their generosity and altruism.

Therefore, on November 4th we will be voting for Mark Friedman for a second term on the Westfield Board of Education and hope you will too.


Eric and Gabrielle Hecht