WESTFIELD, NJ — Neil Rubenstein of Realty Appraisal Company gave the town council an update on the revaluation process at its recent conference meeting. The company began knocking on doors to inspect the interiors and exteriors of Westfield homes for a county-ordered town-wide revaluation in January.

“The revaluation is going as planned,” Rubenstein told the council Tuesday. “The inspections are ongoing. We hit the 5,000 mark recently.”

Weather has slowed down inspections recently, as have requests for appointments, he said.

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“We’re doing almost every interior inspection by appointment,” he noted. “Which is fine, it’s just a slower process. In other towns we canvas door-to-door.”

But inspections are still on track, Rubenstein said. He guessed that they could continue for about three or four more months.

Once that process has finished, residents can expect to get letters after Nov. 10 with the assessments, he explained.  After that, anyone who wants to appeal will have until May 1, 2019, he said, then the tax bill that goes out in September 2019 will be affected.

Mayor Shelley Brindle spoke about the feedback she has heard from residents.

“You know when people are actually saying great things about the assessor that you guys are doing a spectacular  job,” Mayor Shelley Brindle said. “Hats off to the professionalism with which you guys have conducted yourselves.”

A list of inspectors with their photos is available on the first page of the town website, www.WestfieldNJ.gov, under "Latest Site Updates."  

Click here to learn more about the revaluation process on the town’s website.