SAT, SAT Bio, SAT Chem, SAT math2, ACT Prep classes are currently is open for registration at Crimson Education in Westfield. Please call 908-821-7295 or for information.

Crimson Education offers group lessons to high school students for all AP, SAT II Subject Test, SAT, ACT Tests. Our test prep method provides the most economic and efficient way for students to meet and exceed their academic standards. A small class size will provide opportunities for a one to one learning experience, while also maintaining a cooperative peer environment that encourages a collective desire to study. Our group lessons will parallel school curriculum and pace so that as students prepare for testing, they will also find improvements in their regular school performance. Furthermore, all Crimson education teachers are certified high school teachers at top-ranking schools or esteemed university professors. Every teacher holds a master or Ph.D. degree in the subject, making him or her highly qualified to teach our students.

Crimson Education offers elementary and intermediate school group lessons for reading, writing, and math enhancement. Our well-designed curriculum will help students fully prepare for intermediate and high school with confidence and advanced prior learning experience.

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Crimson Education also offers specialMath Olympiad, Math AMC, AIME, and Physics Olympiad training courses. Our specialized teachers will guide students to attain a new level of proficiency in each of the competitions.

In addition, we offer extracurricular courses, such as Speech and Debate, Introduction to Chess, Lego-Building, and Robotics that make Crimson Education the top choice for a well-rounded student.

Passion, Persistence, and Confidence are the ultimate characteristics that Crimson Education hopes to instill in each of our students. Our outstanding team of teachers will not only guide each student to reach academic success, but also inspire and develop a lifelong appreciation for the subject matter.