Dear Westfield Residents,

Having grown up in Westfield, I learned at a young age that our beloved town is not defined by merely its borders, but the many wonderful and talented people who care about our town. Westfield is a strong and diverse community of current and former residents, clergy, business owners, educators and coaches. We all take pride in being part of Westfield’s history, and we have a vested interest to build upon that history and grow, while adapting to changing economic and social environments. Collaboration amongst everyone while we take on the future challenges is elemental. 

This is not about my side or your side, it is about our town. Westfield is a long-term investment and we cannot risk playing politics with for the sake of change. We need to preserve our stability, financial prowess, strong management, safety, prosperity and progress. I am running for town council to ensure that the future of Westfield remains vital and strong.

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I am a proud graduate of three honored Westfield institutions — Franklin Elementary, Roosevelt Middle and Westfield High School. My childhood has imparted on me a unique perspective on this town that others cannot provide. I played sports throughout my youth and as tri captain led the WHS soccer team to state and county championships. Today, I coach my daughters’ soccer and softball teams, plus I have experience coaching and training top youth players from all over this state. I believe that many life skills are learned on the field through both success and failure. You learn that each athlete is different, and the focus is to honor each player’s individual talents while bringing the group together as a team. I have successfully done this in coaching and in my career, and as council member I will collaborate in the same way in order to achieve our common goal of making Westfield an even better place to live for our families.


My unwavering commitment to education and athletics earned me a four year full athletic scholarship to Villanova University that I honored through.  At Villanova, I met my beautiful wife Connie, who just so happened to have grown up in Mountainside.  She is PTO co-president at a pre-school in town, a CCD teacher for St. Helen’s Parish, a member of Tuesday Club, a community service oriented group, and is working towards creating a Villanova alumni chapter here in Westfield.  Most importantly, we are blessed to be the parents of four beautiful, happy, young girls, who keep us busy and on our toes.  Our commitment to the town is steadfast.  We are dedicated to continuing to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which all our children may grow and prosper, just as I did as a kid.


Professionally, I am confident that my experience as a senior vice president in real estate finance will provide strong insight into some of the outside influences challenging our town. I have led teams that strategically brought real estate companies and entities to financial stability through acquisitions, start-ups and organic growth. I have a thorough understanding of the factors that impact real estate markets and the competency that is needed to drive decision making in the economic climate. I am eager to share my experiences and expertise, which are fundamental to lead Westfield toward continued success.

I look forward to engaging and collaborating with all the members in our community. It is imperative that we all work together to continuously improve our beautiful, safe, thriving town.  

James Corcoran, Westfield

Please send “James Corcoran for Council” campaign donations to: Sammy Patel, Treasurer, 225 Lynn Lane, Westfield, NJ 07090.