WESTFIELD, NJ — A county-ordered revaluation of the properties within the town of Westfield’s borders will cost less than $800,000, the town council learned during its conference meeting Tuesday night.

The town is in the process of selecting a firm to begin the revaluation and according to Councilwoman JoAnn Neylan, who chairs the finance policy committee, three proposals have already been submitted.

“We anticipated somewhere in the range of a million plus for each proposal. Well, each one of them came in under $800,000,” Neylan said.

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Ordinance 2209, an ordinance authorizing a special emergency appropriation in the amount of $700,000 for a program of revaluation of real property in, by and for the town was introduced during the town council’s regular meeting later that evening.

“It’s worded as an ‘emergency.’ This is not actually an emergency,” Town Administrator Jim Gildea explained to the council. “The state allows this kind of authorization to be done when you have a special project. Revaluation is one of those things that qualifiies. You can actually pay the cost of revaluation over five years so you don’t burden the municipal budget on any give one year.”

Once the ordinance is authorized after a hearing and second vote the town will be able to award a contract for the revaluation, Gildea said.

“I expect that we will award the contract to one of the firms in the near future and I will update the town again on the progress,” Neylan said.

The deadline for the revaluation is Nov. 1, 2018, she told the council.

“I’m happy to say that we’re right on target and on schedule,” Neylan said. She said that residents will be given notice before it begins.