Saturday, my daughter’s softball team lost a close playoff game - both teams were excellent.  I told the kids afterward that they had been good players all season, but what I loved most was that they had been great teammates to each other.  What a great way to live!  Through coaching, I found that kids are eager to listen, learn, and share if you meet them halfway; a little understanding opens a lot of doors. I know their trust is a gift that must be returned with genuineness.  And they have high standards – try figuring your next move after 14 eight-year-olds roll their eyes at you in unison when you tell them about the drill you had planned. 

I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than giving back.  But there’s more I can do for our kids, for our neighbors, and for our community.  That’s why I’m running for Town Council in Ward 1.  And the values I’ve described here and impart on my teams are exactly what you can expect from me as your councilman.  I’ll listen, respect your trust, and encourage your high expectations.  In fact, I’ll make that my campaign slogan: Expect More.  

Expect me to provide specific goals to address the issues we face as a Town. Expect me to introduce, revise or eliminate an unnecessary ordinance each month I’m in office.  Expect me to initiate swifter action to jumpstart a stalled Downtown revitalization and neighborhood watch.  Expect me to offer more for our parks and fields than concepts that won’t be enacted for years, forcing another generation of Westfield kids to play home games in other towns.  Expect the council committee meeting minutes that were promised but not delivered.  Expect more direct and frequent communication from me – Facebook polls and election year visibility don’t cut it.  Simply put: We live in Westfield.  We should expect more.  

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Lastly, a little about myself.  I’ve lived in Westfield over ten years with my wonderful wife, Michele and our three kids, Layla, Kara and RJ.   I’ve coached my daughters in flag football, basketball, softball, and soccer.  I’ve served Westfield as a member of the Zoning Board of Adjustment, where I’ve done my best to help neighbors navigate an unfamiliar process with clear explanations, friendly demeanor and reasoned votes. I’m completing my second term as President of the Alumni Association at my alma mater, Drew University, after 20 years of service on its Board.  I’m a labor and employment and commercial attorney now working in commercial real estate sales, where I assist clients with their real estate needs and business operations. 

I’m officially kicking off my candidacy for Ward 1 council on Thursday, June 13, at 6 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus on North Avenue. It’s a free event and I hope you’ll stop by to say hello and spend time with neighbors.  To RSVP or find more information about me, please email, or follow me on Facebook at CoachRobforCouncil or Instagram @coachrobforcouncil. I’m looking forward to meeting you!