ROSELLE PARK, NJ - Roselle Park Police are investigating multiple reports of suspicious envelopes on the 100 block of Warren Ave. that contained a suspicious powder and a fraudulent return address of Roselle Park Police.

According to Roselle Park Police Chief Paul W. Morrison, 16 letters were mailed to residents containing some kind of powder. Morrison would not confirm or deny that the letters contained some kind of threat. The envelopes came out of the Elizabeth post office and two were not delivered because the address did not exist. 

Union County hazmat was on the scene and according to Morrison, several envelopes were tested and the substance did not appear to be dangerous. The street was closed to the public during the investigation. Morrison also stated that Union County Police brought in one of their police dogs to check the sounding area for chemicals or bombs just as a precaution. There were no injuries reported. 

Roselle Park Police warn all residents to carefully inspect any US mail received and if you receive a suspicious envelope, do not handle it and call the police department immediately.