"Winter's over, what’s happened to my shrubs!? They look burnt!"  

Have you ever found yourself saying this as spring time begins?  Well, if you have, you probably are witnessing the effects of winter burn. 

Winter burn … what’s that? This is what it is referred to when leaf tissue is damaged through moisture evaporation.  Leaves look brown and curled.  Some dropping their leaves, while others stay attached to the plant.  Most Holly trees or shrubs will turn brown but not drop their leaves. Boxwoods will often drop their leaves.   

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During cold, windy winter days, many evergreen trees and shrubs begin to lose moisture through their leaves. Since this loss of moisture isn’t being readily replaced, tissue damage begins to set in. Is it terminal, it can be, BUT, can it be prevented? Absolutely! 

Applying an approved anti-desiccant compound to the leaf surface can prevent moisture loss and damage. The product is simply sprayed on, covering the leaf surfaces. Virtually no odor, only the slightest shine from the protective polymers. 

Caffrey Tree and Landscape’s Plant Health Care professionals can assess your property, identifying which shrubs or trees should be protected.  Nursery cost generally increase every year.  Taking a few protective steps this fall can protect your investment for many seasons to come. Call us at 908-889-6584.