My husband Kip and I are graduates of University of Virginia, as is my sister, brother-in-law and two of my nieces. What’s going on in Charlottesville is personal, for many reasons.

Returning home from the vigil Sunday night, I couldn't be prouder of our community. In the face of this horror, we are brought together by hope and the presence of each other.

I grew up in Virginia, lived in Charlottesville for school, and know that the racists who descended on the city are not the people who helped make Charlottesville home. The UVA students and local residents like Heather Heyer, who showed up to stand up for her friends against Nazis — these are the people we need to remember.

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Her last post on Facebook read, "If you are not outraged then you are not paying attention."

She's right.

Thank you to Lydia Kaplan and Pamela Brug for organizing, and Rabbi Douglas Sagal for his comforting words.