FANWOOD, NJ — At Shovlin Mattress Factory, “We do a lot of education about why our prices are way less than similar products our competitors offer,” said Kara Shovlin, who owns the shop with husband Ron Shovlin. “The truth is, we can’t cut corners because we live here.”

“I don’t want to have a customer sit down next to me at Theresa’s restaurant in Westfield who’s mad at me,” agreed Ron Shovlin. “A lot of my customers are my kids’ friends’ parents.”

Ron Shovlin has worked at this neighborhood shop and factory since he was 13, learning the business from the ground up. The couple’s enthusiasm and love for their business is clear in the video they made, poking fun at a “typical” day in the shop:

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Though they probably won’t be jumping on the beds, “When people come into our showroom, they have a different experience than anywhere else,” said Ron Shovlin. Salespeople don’t receive commission. There are no sales, because mattresses are always priced right. Custom mattresses are produced by American workers with superior American-made materials just behind the showroom wall.

While the larger trend in mattresses, and furniture in general, has moved toward selling lower-quality products, “We’ve always had a high-end product, and we’ve increased our quality over the last several years,” said Ron Shovlin.

“We still make a two-sided, flip-able mattress,” said Kara Shovlin, which other companies have stopped producing to save money. As a result, Shovlin Mattress Factory mattresses can last twice as long.

“Everything we sell has a guarantee,” said Kara Shovlin.

The Shovlins believe that the piece of furniture where you spend about one-third of your life (more time than you spend in your car, for example) should be high-quality.

“I don’t deal with low-end stuff,” said Ron Shovlin. But that doesn’t mean their prices are high.

“We’re selling something for $1,500 and the other stores are selling something that looks like ours for $2,300,” said Ron Shovlin.

The Shovlin family has owned the factory and shop since the late 1980s, but it wasn’t until this September that the name was changed from The Mattress Factory.

“It's only a name change and nothing else. Still the same owner, same quality mattresses and same great experience as always,” said Ron Shovlin. “The name Mattress Factory was so generic. We take pride in what we make, so we decided to put our name on the brand,” said Ron Shovlin.

“By adding our name, we’re making a bigger commitment to the business,” added Kara Shovlin.

Visit Shovlin Mattress Factory at 35 South Avenue in Fanwood and explore their website at Click here to find them on Facebook.

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