WESTFIELD, NJ — Someone broke into Duke’s Delhi on South Avenue Saturday night and stole more than $200 in cash from the mom-and-pop restaurant/convenience store, according to owner Asad Hussain.

Hussain said that the smash-and-grab happened around 9 p.m., shortly after he and his staff had closed up and left. It appeared that the perpetrator used a rock to smash two holes in the window of the back door and gain entry to steal from the cash register and tip jar.

Hussain said that he reported the incident to police and hopes that the person responsible will be caught. It is possible that there was a witness, as the parking lot at the time “was packed” according to Hussain.

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“Thank God nobody got hurt,” he added.

It’s not the first time someone has stolen from the establishment, he said — twice before, someone has stolen their tip jar during operating hours.

“Neighbors have to watch out,” Hussain said. “These guys are on the loose.”