WESTFIELD, NJ—South Avenue between Cumberland and Downer was reopened at noon today after the chemicals inside a two-family home at 724 South Avenue were neutralized and the home was ventillated. The situation is currently under investigation by the Westfield Police Department.

Earlier today, the home was evacuated and four people were transported to Overlook Hospital due to exposure to unknown chemicals.

Police responded to a call around 8 AM that a person had been exposed to chemicals, according to Fire Chief Daniel Kelly. An occupant and his landlord were transported to Overlook to be treated for respiratory distress, while the two police officers who first responded were sent for evaluation, Kelly told TAP. The police officers have now been evaluated and released from the hospital. Three members of the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad also underwent decontamination.

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“I don’t believe any of the injuries are life-threatening at this time,” Kelly said at the scene.

“Funny thing is there wasn’t any noise or anything,” said Joey Quintero, who lives at 708 South Avenue. Quintero first noticed the commotion early this morning. His neighbor told him it looked like emergency officials had been hauling out containers of chemicals.