Did you know? Spring cleaning always makes us feel better and adds value to your home.

Tackling one room at a time is more manageable and more fun with great music!

1. Thoroughly clean the baseboards, walls, windows, mirrors and floor.

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2. Dust the furniture all the way around including the top, bottom, sides and back.

3. Straighten the entire room including shelves and inside drawers.

4. Declutter simply into three piles: donate, recycle and toss.

5. The best songs to spring clean to… :-)

Did you know? Proper spring rain preparation will protect your home's value.

Complete these home maintenance steps around the home before spring rains begin:

1. Inspect the foundation for low areas and fill with compacted soil to help prevent foundation damage.

2. Check the wood trim around windows, doors and railings and make repairs before wood rot occurs.

3. Inspect the deck for discolorations and reseal before warping occurs.

Did you know? The Real Estate Spring Market is already here!

Today’s buyers look at listings all day, every day. They have apps on their phone, get listings texted and emailed to them, and they are filling the open houses.

Here are some important points to consider when you list your home for sale.

1. You need to be ready to sell:  Spring clean, declutter, refresh and update.

After the spring cleaning and decluttering, refreshing the home with a neutral coat of paint, refinishing hardwood floors, cleaning carpets, and making updates will invite today’s buyers.

In the Internet age, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Information flows more quickly than ever and presenting your home in the best condition at a realistic price is extremely important. Your first showing is “on-line” where professional pictures are imperative. The second showing is a “drive-by” where it’s vital to have great curb appeal. The third showing is an appointment or visit at an open house.

2. You need the right Real Estate agent. 

A good real estate agent will help you set the right price, market the home professionally through staging and photography, capture todays buyers through tech savvy resources on line, qualify the buyers, and expertly negotiate and finalize the deal. The agent must be someone you trust, can work closely with, and is good at communicating the process.

3. When you get an offer, you need to be ready to move.

Once you get an acceptable offer from a buyer and you sign the contract, the clock starts ticking toward your closing. Many sellers underestimate the amount of time it can take to list, sell and close on a home. Know your market before you list, and have a plan for where you’re moving to when your home sells.

Thinking about buying or selling a home? Let me be your resource for local real estate information. 

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Jenifer DiVirgilio is a Fanwood resident and full-time Realtor since 2005 and has helped her clients buy, sell and rent in the tri-county area with ease. She knows first-hand the challenges that come with making a move from relocating around the country with her family. Whether you’re a first time homebuyer, or selling to downsize, upsize or move out of the area, Jeni puts her passion and knowledge to work for you. She is honest, patient, trustworthy and professional. Her diverse experience spans from condos to mansions and also includes short sales. Contact Jeni directly and let her guide you through the process for your next move.