One of my favorite things about Westfield in the spring time is all the flowers I see getting planted. I love the way colorful flowers brighten up this already beautiful town. There is no better way to celebrate spring than to plant a garden with your favorite flowers.  I for one have been waiting a long time for this spring to come and I am ready to get my hands dirty! Before you start working in your garden, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and prepare. Here are some quick tips on what I do to clean up my yard and get my garden ready.

Start your winter cleanup of the lawn when the grass is no longer soaking wet and plant beds stop being lakes of mud. Rake your lawn to get rid of dead growth, stray leaves, twigs and winter debris. Sunlight and fresh air will encourage the grass to grow.

Re-seed bare or damaged patches of lawn. Scratch up the soil with a rake first. Mix a shovel of soil with a couple scoops of grass seed and spread in the patch you’re fixing. Rake the soil level and keep it well-watered until seeds germinate and the new grass starts to grow.

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Weeds start growing vigorously early, so when you spot them – get to it! Getting on top of the weeding now means a lot less work later. Weeds are easier to pull out while their roots are still shallow early in the spring.

To plant your garden, you must first figure out how big you want your garden to be. It might help to first take measurements of your yard and figure out where the sun shines. Taller plants will be planted in the back of the garden and smaller plants will be planted in the front for maximum sunlight.

As far as planting flowers go, I just follow the instructions on the package! Loosen up the soil and make sure it is falling apart and not sticking together like glue. Once your soil is nice and loose – you are ready to start planting. Quick tip: egg shells make great fertilizer!

Here are some great local flower shops in the Westfield area:

McEwen Flowers: 516 N Avenue

Green Room Florist: 227 Elmer Street

Meeker’s Florist:  427 South Avenue W

Flower Zone: 103 Prospect Street

If you know of some other great, local flower shops – post them on my Facebook page!