St. Paul's Day School in Westfield hosted a Grandparent Visit and canned food drive today.  Grandparents of students in the Preschool, Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten were invited to come and tour their grandchildren's classrooms, meet their teachers and share in special work they are doing. 

Then the children with their grandparent or special person attended a special Thanksgiving sing-along in the church. Father Andrew Hamersley tailored the Thanksgiving service to the children and their special guests. He played songs on his guitar about Thanksgiving and  incorporated signs the children had made showing what special names they use for their Grandparents or honored guest.

The visit also included a canned food drive. The Day School realizes that there are people right in our own backyard in need and wanted to reach out and help. The school's mandate is to provide their students with "emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual and physical growth in a Christian setting of nurturing and love".  Today's food drive helped teach the importance of kindness, community and helping those less fortunate.  Combining it with the Grandparent Visit also shines a light on respecting older generations. It was truly a time to focus on what Thanksgiving really is. Being thankful for the special people in our lives and all of our blessings.