As a 44-year resident in beautiful Westfield, I’d like to remind others of the tremendous value Mayor Andy Skibitsky has been been to our town.

  1. He listens, as shown by his weekly Saturday meetings with residents, his availability during public events in town, his constant striving for improvement in the downtown, the parks — the entire town, always keeping public safety his number one priority and always being gracious to our citizens.
  2. He takes action,stopping the 150-foot tower from being built, banning Rahway Avenue train whistle, introducing solar power parking meters, increasing the number of parking spaces, maintaining strong fiscal management. These are a small portion of what Mayor Skibitsky has done for Westfield.
  3. His work has been recognized. His handling of Superstorm Sandy, Westfield’s USA recognition as “Best Downtown Shopping destination in NJ,” Standard and Poor’s recognition of Westfield as one of three percent of New Jersey towns with a AAA bond rating, just to name a few of his achievements.
  4. His personal characteristics of sincerity, integrity, sensitivity, dedication, and kindness have been seen and felt by residents not only at his yearly Memorial Day speeches, 9/11 commemoration talks, his videos during downtown events promoting the success of our town, but also the many opportunities we have had to listen to him over the years. He has certainly earned our respect and admiration.

As someone who does most of her shopping via, etc., I understand why businesses have had to close shop in Westfield, and I particularly admire the continued study and recommendations proposed by Mayor Skibitsky to remedy the downtown situation in recognition of today’s customer’s proclivity for on-line shopping. He always keeps the best interests of Westfield in mind.

I particularly admire Andy’s non-partisan approach to all decisions made and his active participation in all Westfield events. What’s the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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As former President of the Westfield Board of Education, Rotary and Westfield Foundation, I support Andy Skibitsky as mayor.

Gail Cassidy