Imagine is thrilled to welcome our latest class of teen volunteers who will be working with us on our fourth Night of Support Starting in January 2015.  The teens will be co-facilitating with adult volunteers, groups for children age 3-12.  We have learned so much from our teen volunteers who provide a wonderful energy and presence and ability to bond with the children.  Becca Freer of Westfield, one of our first teen volunteers shared this testimonials with us:  Throughout my life I have gone through losses, all of different kinds, but never realized how much of an impact a loss can have on someone until I started volunteering at Imagine. Imagine is an absolutely incredible organization that allows people to relate, share and heal all in their own ways. The opportunity to be a youth facilitator at Imagine is one that I will forever cherish. I have been taught countless lessons and can recount unlimited memories from my time at Imagine. Everyone who is a volunteer there is a unique, caring and talented person who has taken their time to do something truly life-changing, and I am honored to be able to work besides these people. Imagine has changed so many lives, and I know that it will always continue to do the same." We are so grateful to Becca and all of the teens who donate their time and tremendous wisdom and gifts to Imagine.  It is with gratitude and anticipation that we welcome this latest class of ten.  

Imagine, a grief support center located in Westfield NJ and serving all of Union County and beyond, provides free year-round peer grief support programs for children and teens age 3-18 and young adults 18-30 who are coping with loss due to the death of a parent or sibling and for families where a child or parent is living with a life-altering illness. The program also provides separate support groups for the parents and guardians of the children served.  Support groups meet every other Monday or Tuesday for an hour and a half. Dinner is provided prior to the group meeting.  For information on our support groups contact Imagine at or 908-264-3100.  

Volunteers come from all walks of life and need no special background other than a willingness to listen, a heart inclined to serve, and the ability to be with children and adults in pain without trying to fix, solve or give advice.  No prior experience is necessary.   

The next Imagine Volunteer Adult Facilitator class will be December 5-8, 2014 and the next teen training will be in 2015.   For more information please contact Imagine Program Director at 908-264-3100 or or visit our website at