On behalf of the Westfield Board of Education, I want to thank the residents of Westfield for your approval on November 5th of the school bond referendum that will allow us to complete our school roof projects at a lower cost to taxpayers.   With your approval, we are now able to accept $2.7 million in state aid for the projects, which directly reduces local taxes needed for the projects.  As we have previously mentioned, residents of Westfield already approved all of the roof projects last year, but state aid was not available at that time.  Your approval on November 5th has allowed us to take advantage of a subsequent change in State aid for project funding.  Thank you.

I also want to thank Brendan Galligan, Ginny Leiz and Mitch Slater for their continued service on the Westfield Board of Education.  With their re-election on November 5th, we are fortunate to now have them serving the school system and all of our 6,200 students for additional three year terms.

Rich Mattessich
President, Westfield Board of Education