As your mayor and councilmember team elect, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of Westfield for so many things:

  1. Showing Up! More than 50 percent of Westfield’s registered voters showed up to vote on Election Day, despite the challenging weather we experienced Tuesday evening. This is significant as compared to Union County overall where voter turnout was 38 percent, and state-wide where it was only 35 percent. We hope this positive trend continues into the future. Our Westfield Together campaign was centered around the philosophy that every voice matters. We heard you last Tuesday, and we will continue listening to each and every one of you!
  2. Engaging in the Process. Over the course of the 8.5 months that our Westfield Together slate was reaching out to you, we participated in 50 town-wide events and 103 meet and greets in neighbor’s homes. We are proud of our efforts, for sure, but we are even MORE amazed by YOU. In total, these events were attended by thousands and thousands of Westfield residents. Please keep reaching out to us and stay involved. 
  3. Leaving Politics Behind. We won the support on average of 60 percent of you on Election Day. Over the course of this campaign, the message from both sides was about the “W” (for Westfield) vs the “R” or the “D,” and this message clearly resonated with you. We can accomplish so much if we stay focused on our common goals and shared interests as opposed to pointing out differences, and we will continue building on this message of unity that we are hearing from you.
  4. Volunteering. Our campaigns would have gone nowhere had it not been for the 596+ people who played volunteer roles to support us. Whether you were a donor, a letter of support writer, a "meet and greet" host, a postcard writer, a canvasser, a lit dropper, a phone banker, a general supporter, a GOTV participant, or one of our 50+ Westfield High School interns ... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

With the election behind us, we are already hard at work. Shelley has already met with Mayor Skibitsky and Jim Gildea, our town administrator, to work on and ensure a smooth transition. We will soon communicate to all of you what the process will be for applying for the limited number of open positions on existing town boards and commissions, and will be sending out a general call for volunteers for variety of future initiatives. The mayor and town council have great opportunities to lead us to a better Westfield starting in 2018, but getting there requires the energy, talents, enthusiasm and dedication of MANY!  Please consider the role you would like to play in our new government and reach out. We can all be part of the Westfield of Tomorrow! 

It is with gratitude, humility and excitement that we will accept our new positions at our local inauguration on Jan. 1, and we hope to see you there!  In the meantime, we want to THANK YOU WESTFIELD for hearing and believing in us. This is just the beginning!