1. Focus on eating nutrient dense food, not counting calories. This sounds counterintuitive but most nutrient-dense foods are not high in calories.
  2. Get your nutrients from foods, not supplements, when possible.
  3. Eat minimally processed foods-no added sugar.
  4. Incorporate a “kick-off” food detox each season to cleanse and jumpstart the metabolism. 
  5. Fuel the body pre-workout AND post-workout.
  6. Eat a predominantly plant-based diet, with a clean, lean protein at each meal.
  7. Drink lots of water and both herbal and green tea throughout the day.
  8. Eat organic, local and seasonal foods as much as possible, farm-to-table.
  9. Eat healthy fats daily and with each meal.
  10. Keep the blood sugar stable by balancing carbs and including fiber.
  11. Avoid mindless eating, listen to your body, get tuned in.


This back-to-basics approach is taking a look at nutrition from a cellular level. Specifically, eating to fuel the mitochondria, the powerhouses of your cells. This approach is simplistic, intuitive.  It prevents premature aging and disease, as well as it ensures that your body performs optimally. Why is this so important? Because science shows that the majority of Americans are deficient in the micronutrients necessary to keep their bodies healthy and functioning at peak levels. A body that functions at peak level is a body that is going to get results — no matter what the goal.  It is simple, but you need the accountability and the right tools.  Do you need a coach?  The best success stories have one!

For more information, email me at Karen@vianutritionandhealth.com or visit my website at www.vianutritionandhealth.com.