By simply planning to eat better quality, whole foods in lieu of more processed “heat and eat," “grab and go” packaged foods you can open up a whole new level of energy, which translates into better digestion and a more efficient metabolism. 

Our bodies were designed to run on real food. We need to simplify our way of eating. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a treat from time to time.  We are talking about how you eat the majority of the time.

By “unjunking” our diet and detoxifying our bodies and our minds, we heal. Simply choose foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy oils (olive oil, fish oil, avocado and coconut oil), small amounts of whole grains (quinoa, brown rice), beans and lean animal protein including small wild fish, grass fed meat, and farm eggs.

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There are no diets, no calorie counting. That doesn’t matter if you choose real, whole, fresh foods. If you choose quality, the rest takes care of itself.

When you eat empty processed food with addictive chemicals and sugar, your body craves more, looking for nutrients in a “dead food” where none are to be found. Yet after eating nutrient dense fresh food for a few days the biological addiction to processed food is broken, and in a few more days your cells begin to rejuvenate and you heal from the inside out.

Without the proper vitamins and minerals from foods and sometimes supplements, we don’t have the necessary co-enzymes for energy production and that energy production helps our body function at optimum level: better digestion, metabolism and liver functions.

The side effects of this whole food diet are all good ones – effortless weight loss, reversal of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, clearing of brain fog, lifting of depression and fatigue and even better skin, hair and nails. 

It is more important what you take out of your diet than what you put in. Add in the good stuff and there won’t be room for the bad. Add in enough and you won’t want the “junk” anymore. You simply won’t have a taste for it and more importantly, you will discover that you don’t like how you feel when you do eat it.

Whole, real food jazzed up with a few super foods such as goji berries and chia in your smoothies, hemp, parsley, cilantro, coconut and green juicing for better cell health, can beneficially affect thousands of genes, regulate hormones, and enhance the function of thousands of protein networks.