The Westfield Historical Society presents a special exhibit at the Reeve History and Cultural Resource Center, “The Hat Matters - From Function to Frivolity." Please attend this event to experience how the fashionable hats of today were the necessary and functioning definition of individuals throughout history.

The object on the head defines the person who wore it. For example, the Egyptian Pharaohs wore the hats of Lower and Upper Egypt, the Greeks donned the headband, the turban defined Hinduism in India and the Fez in Turkey. In Colonial times the three pointed (Tri-fold) hat was worn by the Colonials in America. During the Edwardian period, known for the reign of Edward VII in Great Britain, ladies’ hats were embellished with feathers, fur, flowers, and tulle. Today we see FTD trucks delivering flowers with the symbol of the Greek god Hermes wearing the Petasos hat on his head for swift message delivery.

This exhibit will focus mainly on the early 20th Century hats of both men and women. For instance, a Top hat and the Bowler hat that were most prevalent in the TV series “Downton Abbey” will be on view as examples while similar ladies’ hats depict the Crawley family’s everyday activities. A favorite Halloween ‘witch’ hat or a celebratory New Year’s Eve hat will be part of the “fun” exhibit. Hats for special occasions such as tiaras for a crown worn by brides at weddings, sports figure baseball hats worn by Westfield’s own Jeff Torborg, and Olympic games hats with a collection of pins will be included. The WHS collection of historic hats worn by police, firemen and Mr. Edgar Reeves’ World War II air raid helmets will also be on display. In addition, Marion Schwartz, the Westfield milliner of Joy Design, will display and sell her beautiful hats.

May 3rd - Final Day! 2-4 PM at the Reeve History and Cultural Resource Center