is now accepting candidate statements for the upcoming election. You may submit up to one statement per week from now through the Sunday prior to Election Day. Each statement may be accompanied by photos.

You can now upload content directly to  It’s easy, quick and free.

Just click on Contribute Content.  Sign up for an account and verify it. Then click on Contribute Content and select Articles. Choose Candidate Statements from the Category drop down menu.

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If you run into any difficulties doing so, please contact us at and we will help walk you through it.

Once you submit your content, we will then approve it.  Once approved, you will be sent a link to the content.

Unlike other online sites, this link will always be accessible. The best thing you can do ensure that the greatest number of people will see the link and be able to read your content is to post the link as widely as possible.  Here are some easy ways to do so:

1) Post the link to Facebook

2) Tweet the link on Twitter

3) Email the link to your email list

4) Include the link to the content in your e-newsletter

5) Put the link on your campaign website

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