I know that you may not be thinking spring just yet, but I promise it is right around corner.  Right now your trees and shrubs are in a state of dormancy and hopefully they received all of the nutrients they needed in the fall to make it through the winter – think bear going into hibernation. You might even notice some of your evergreen trees and shrubs have become slightly discolored during the winter, which is completely natural. 
As winter turns into spring, the big concern this year is winter burn for your trees and shrubs.  Because we have had such cold, windy days, your landscape may be affected, especially if you had a landscape installed last year.  Young landscapes may not be mature enough to survive a deep cold and high winds.  If you notice some sad looking trees and shrubs on your property, this could be the culprit.
When the weather gets warmer and the soil temperature increase to 550 – 600 F, you will see your grass start to change color and germinate. New bluegrass or fescue sod may require additional time to return from dormancy if installed within the last 2-3 years.  Flowers, shrubs and trees will generally return from dormancy at the same temperature as turf.
Of course, the other true signs of spring in New Jersey include the first red robins you see and the buds popping on forsythia plants and cherry trees.  

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