These last two weeks have been a GIGANTIC success. With over 25 people knocking doors for Knocktoberfest and phone banking we have managed to identify over 400 supporters who want Dave to be our next Mayor just last weekend! 

This next week leading up to Election Day will be key. We need EVERYONE to come out and let people around town know about Dave Haas and great things he will do as Westfield's next mayor. 

If you can volunteer by knocking doors and phone banking at our office (128 Elm St) please e-mail or call or 908-358-8119 with the times that best suit you. 

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We have only 8 DAYS until November 5th and every vote counts! Every door knocked and phone call made is one step closer to getting Dave elected we can WIN this and we will WIN this election with your help! 

If you are unable to volunteer during GOTV Week a donation of 25, 50,100, or more will go a long way to helping Dave get out the vote on November 5th.


Ben Young

Campaign Manager Dave Haas for Westfield Mayor