WESTFIELD, NJ — Tony Bianchino, owner of Westfield-based personal training and nutrition center Out Run Your Fork, has a lofty goal of educating Westfield about what it takes to be healthy, and he’s partnering with other local businesses to make it happen.

These partnerships take on many different forms. Bianchino recently partnered with Westfield juice bar Ono Bowls to run a seminar on how to safely lose weight with juice cleanses.

Bianchino has sponsored seven events since the beginning of the year.

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“I think we need to have more fun in the community,” said Bianchino. “I think we need to do more things together. And if we do that, then everybody benefits.”

Events aren’t the only sort of partnership Bianchino takes on. He’ll also send his clients to local businesses that he believes sell a quality product. He suggests his clients go to Ono Bowls after their workouts to get a nutritious juice to revitalize them.

Bianchino worries about the misinformation many receive from the weight loss industry about what is healthy and he wants to counteract that with education.

“People need to change what they know about health,” Bianchino said. “The industry is broken. There’s too much information out there and most of it is wrong. People don’t know where to go. They need a trusted source to give them the right information not because it's profitable but because it’s right for them. That’s the number one mission that I have: change the industry.”

In another example of his partnership, Bianchino reached out to the Westfield running apparel company JackRabbit for client referrals and mutual discounts. He said he trusts JackRabbit to fit his clients properly, which will ultimately prevent his clients from getting injured.

“I only use local businesses,” Bianchino said. “Four out of five businesses fail within the first two years, so running a business is a big risk. My family is at stake and that means a lot to me. That’s why I think we should help each other. We're local businesses, we’re local people, we’re family people. So why the hell wouldn’t we?”

Bianchino’s ultimate goal for the community is to help as many people as possible.

“I want to serve my clients, help the community and get more exposure so I can help impact more people,” Bianchino said. “I think that's what every place wants.”