WESTFIELD, NJ — Two vehicles crashed at the intersection of Rahway Avenue and Shackamaxon Drive Monday morning, flipping one car over and causing damage to the front of the minivan involved. The drivers of both vehicles were taken away by ambulances, according to witnesses.

The crash happened at about 8 a.m. when, according to reports, one of the vehicles appeared to have run a STOP sign. 

On most weekdays during that time the area is filled with students walking Westfield High School but, due to an unused snow day, Westfield Public Schools were closed Monday.

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“We have to be thankful this was not a school day,” David Contract, a candidate for town council whose home is on the corner of that intersection, said. He said that there are several accidents at that spot each year.

“We’ve lived here 12 and a half years. This is the worst I’ve ever seen,” Contract said.