Local restaurants can expect a huge bump in their dining rooms this coming Wednesday. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are the two busiest days for restaurant reservations year after year.

Most local restaurants are suggesting reservations be made as far in advance as possible to ensure you get the table and the seating time that you want. This may not be true of all dining establishments but many of the mid to high end restaurants will surely become completely booked ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Some people avoid the crowd and do their romantic dinners for two ahead of Valentine’s Day, so expect Saturday the 10th to also be a day where restaurant reservations will be in high demand.

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Another way to enjoy that romantic dinner is to have it delivered. For this option it is also a good idea to place your delivery order in advance a day or so or just to place the order early in the day on the 14th.

The local online delivery service Deliverynow.com says that more than half of their Valentine’s Day orders are placed ahead of time and that this helps them coordinate on time delivery. When you order online at deliverynow.com you can easily select the restaurant and delivery time that you want. The most requested delivery time slot for that romantic Valentine’s dinner is 7 p.m.

Deliverynow.com is also offering a Make It Special Romantic Package as an add on to your restaurant order that includes dessert for two and some special extras. Check with deliverynow.com online or by phone at 866-511-3663 for specifics. The deliverynow.com website has some of the best local restaurants available for delivery right through their service with online ordering on their site.

Valentine’s Day is also the biggest single day for chocolate sales. Godiva online sales and Amazon sales of boxes of chocolates are already spiking and you can even order a Godiva Chocolate Bliss package for less than $20 with free two day shipping using Amazon Prime right now.

If you are planning to buy that heart shaped box of chocolates in your favorite local store the best time is at least a few days in advance. The best deals and boxes will sell out first.