WESTFIELD, NJ — Frank Bruno, co-owner of Vine Ripe Markets in Westfield, assured customers that its food is safe Wednesday after an incident involving an independent fish retailer within the market was discussed during Monday’s board of health meeting.

At the meeting, health inspector Helen Mendez described how Sea Breeze Seafood was asked to correct numerous violations after two people experienced scombroid poisoning after eating tuna steaks sold there.

“That was an isolated incident specific to Sea Breeze Seafood,” Bruno said. “The matter was immediately rectified and steps have been taken to insure this never happens again. Unfortunately this issue occurred. Although not specific to Vine Ripe Operations, the seafood stand is located within our market. Steps have been taken to alleviate any potential future issues. In addition, upon re-inspection the seafood stand was found safe, compliant and passed with no conditions.”