This letter is to help raise awareness of the upcoming election on April 20 and to get the residents of Westfield to vote YES for the school budget.

This year, more than any other year, we need your support to pass the budget. Westfield has already sustained a $4.2 million cut in state aid and if we cannot get community support to pass the budget there will likely be additional cuts by the Town Council. The Board of Education has already had to cut more than 30 positions, including 1 administrator, 12 teachers, 10 paraprofessionals, 3 librarians, 2 intermediate counselors, 3 secretaries, and 2 custodians. In addition to these job cuts no new computers or library books will be purchased and the amount of school supplies has been reduced. These cuts affect the quality of the education that our children receive. If the budget does not pass our children will be forced to endure more cuts!

Rather than cut any of the valued extra-curricular programs that our children love, the BOE is implementing a student activity fee. All of the particulars are still to be worked out, but the importance of these activities is known to all.

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We, parents & educators, have always worked with our BOE to provide our children with an outstanding education at a cost per pupil that is under the state average. The BOE has had to cut too much already due to state constraints. Please don't compromise our children's education by not passing this budget.

Please mark your calendar to vote YES for the budget on Tuesday, April 20th.


The Parent Teacher Council Executive Board & PTO Presidents:

Rose Hughes, Cathy Kattack, Ellen Devin, Ruth Maloney, Kate Fleschler, Peggy Oster, Lisa Cummings, Anne Suriano, Barbara Bagger, Beth Ripperger, Carolyn Miller, Aileen Sherman, Madeline Gerris, Deanne Hampton, Rena Baretz, Drew Escaldi, Lisa Harding, Laura Millwater, Patty Bromberg, Amy Root, Susana MacLean, Bobbi Sgro, Stephanie Campanello