We have started our first official thaw of the winter.  This weather is a special promise to us that winter will end one day and beautiful spring is right around the corner!  We are less than a month away from the first official day of spring, which means that winter's Polar Vortex has to end soon, but have you started to think about where all this snow will go once the official thaw happens?  At Ince Landscape Construction & Management, I consult with many families who find water in their basement and excess amounts in their yards. To fix the drainage issues inside, you will need to first remedy drainage and water retention situations outside. 

Your home is your castle, so I first recommend properly sloping the grade away from your home to divert water from your foundation. By doing so, water can find its way to other areas of your property, therefore sometimes fixing the grading around your home also requires additional re-grading of your landscape or yard and potentially finding a greater water management solution. Such solutions include exterior pvc drain pipe, exterior french drains, catch basins, dry wells and exterior pumps. Each situation is unique and we can help, by removing any of the guess work from the project and giving you the peace of mind that your basement is as dry as possible and the wear on your home's foundation has been greatly reduced.

The best thing that you can do for your home is to solve the problem of a minor issue before it becomes a major problem.  Contact us today to learn more and find out the ways we can help!