Water, water everywhere! How did your home and landscape make out since June began? With close to four inches of rain over parts of our area in just three days, you might have noticed drainage issues on your property or in your basement and this could equal really bad news.

Water can be a very destructive substance. If it sits against your home's foundation over time, it will wear away the foundation and eventually find a way into your home.
The best way to avoid such a scenario is to move water away from your home with such tools as gutter downspouts or a sump pump underground to discharge to a designated area such as a dry well or a catch basin.  
If you have standing water on your property, a professional can install surface drains to collect and relocate the water. Another method to combat water is corrective grading which alters the path water takes on your property and directs it toward a specific area.
With an expert team, such as Ince Landscape Construction & Management, these drainage issues can easily be solved, keeping your home and property safe from any issue water may cause.